Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Its been a good ten months that i posted anything on my blog. I arrive at work 6am this morning thinking i should grab my pashminas and head out somewhere in the building and nap till 8am, then something in me said, No, check blogsville and so i did. I went to 36inches's and pinklips page and to catch up on blogging et all.

I liked 36's post- Random Thoughts and thats wheres my inspiration to blog today comes from.

  1. I can't beleive i just turned 29 years old...I'm growing older but dont feel old at all. Yet some people say i should stop fooling my self-how can you be 29? pls help me ask them if they were there when my mum gave birth to me.
  2. Our 2 house helps disappeared the same day, one was paid his money and asked to leave. The other was only brought 2 weeks ago and was supposed to stay, for some reason, she snuck out while mum fell asleep on the couch and made off with her N30,000. How the hell am i supposed to get ready for work in the morning now that they are gone??
  3. My best friend sent me a bbm the other saying that i should please do her a favour and stop being friendly with her husband. Why? Cos he apparently doesnt like me, (even though we are paddy's or so i thought) They had a huge arguement/fight the other day and somewhere in between my name came up, I was accused of giving her bad advice and wrong information because i'm not married (and i bump into him at night clubs and bars-so i tell her about the random girls he hangs with). She cant beleive he said horrible things about me, she cant beleive he is 2 faced, she wants me to only say hi and bye to him cos he doesnt deserve my friendship. This is someone who calls me if i havent visited his house in 2 weeks and says are you fighting with us, little does he know that i see his wife everyday.. I feel so sorry for her.
  4. I wore shorts the other day to the salon, after getting my hair done, a friend of mine calls and asks me to meet her up at some barbecue, then we go for drinks, and later to some club in VI. For someone who hasnt been toasted in a long time, everything was following, flies, bees, the wind (LOL), everyone male person was trying to get my attention...i sha ended up with 3 toasters that night. That has never happened to me on a night in this our dry Lagos before oh.
  5. I still wanna get a place of my own in VI or Ikoyi or somewhere close to my office, even though mummy says lai lai- that drive is tiring and just kills me.
  6. I hate waking up 4.45am everyday. Normal people are still asleep at that time.
  7. I wish the weekends were longer, they come and go soo fast.
  8. Can everyone stop asking me when i'm getting married- haven't you heard of God's time is the best.
  9. Cant wait for my new business to grow into a huge one...WATCH THIS SPACE!!!
  10. I hope i find enough time to put down my thoughts on blogsville....
  11. I better publish this post before someone catches me updating my bolg at work...damn!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

3rd Mainland Bridge

Hey people' una dey....Pink Lips(I'm back o) For real.
Soo much has happened to me since my last post (May) and dunno where to start from.
I'll start with 3rd mainland bridge cos thats just doing my head in right now. For the past few weeks, i've been staying in at the weekends on purpose, not like i'm the homely type (I'm like the most restless person ever). I bought dvd series The Wire season 1-5 and watched it in 4 days, day and night, refused to take phone calls or speak to anyone, was too engrosssed and i can tell you its very great if ure looking for something to watch. All of this in the name of not going out and having to sit hours on end in traffic.
Came back from my vacation end of July to learn that the bridge will be shutdown starting from the day i came into town.(I had heard that the bridge will be shut before i left but i paid no attention to it and just thought lai lai, they can never shut it down for repairs. I was shocked when i learnt that they did it. My journey from the airport to my sisters house somewhere in yaba took at least in i kid you not. I was fustrated, i cursed at the system, almost came out of the car to start walking. It was horrible..
I eventually got to my sisters house at about 8pm in the evening and they were like eiya, welcome back in asarcastic way(i chose the worst day to return to the country). Apparently, i got lucky cos i used the back routes, my sis friend had been on her way from maryland from 4.30 pm and didnt get to yaba until 9.45pm.. Horrendous traffic it was.
My daily routine before closure of 3rd mainland was wake up at 6.00am (since i lived near the airport) and i'm on my way to the office in exactly 30mins and hopefully get to work between 8.00am and 8.30 am. Now, i wake up 4.45am or 5.00am so i acn beat the early morning traffic which is really bad from my end. At times like this i almost want to scold my father for not building a house on the mainland....(i mean its toture). You can imagine me i'm tired and sleepy once i get to work as opposed to energized and looking forward to the day or week ahead....
I did this routine for one week and my brain & body couldnt take it anymore so i decided to call a friend of mine who lives on the island, turns out he's out of the country but says its okay to stay at his cos his squatter was there.. I was soo happy, even though it was mid week, i didnt mind, just couldnt hack that traffic thing for another day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And Another One

Eyes like sapphire burning thru my skin

Face like a bronze aphrodite, so pure yet with a soul so thin

My heart craves the missed beat

Come to me oh passion let me cling unto thee

For my chest beats amiss the former drums of love

Oh sweet temptation overshadow me

oh desire...lips as red as the finest English rose, taking me to place where my soul at once arose.

oh...a fantasy most complete, so muchso

with my lips drinking from your lips oh desire,
my tongue brushin agaist that skin of yours

oh the adventure my desire... how i long to traverse the bushes in between you thigh mountains and taste of your ambrosia...
to pluck of your apple with my tongue...

oh my desire, thy fantasy so sweet...yet some know it not

oh desire...lips as red as the finest English rose,
taking me to place where my soul at once arose.

oh...a fantasy most complete, so muchso

with my lips drinking from your lips oh desire,

my tongue brushin agaist that skin of yours

oh the adventure my desire...

How i long to traverse the bushes in between you thigh mountains and taste of your ambrosia... to pluck of your apple with my tongue...

oh my desire, thy fantasy so sweet...yet some know it not but desire...
Thou knowest that my passion is hot

Why dost thou not say (why not)

I crave to show you my sword, to hold you in chivalry ad together we shall fly the heights

My desire, i have prepared a warm bed in my heart for you...

Now that i see you in a newlight

My desire I want you to know that my thots of you are not for show

No careless whispers no spoken word

Just a connection from up above.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Very grateful to God for his mercies!!

A couple of years back, i thought my life was over, I lost my dad, almost lost my identity, things just went wrong, with my family, my education, just generally... I doubted i'd ever survive it, I was very pessimistic bout the going ons...but he made it happen.

I'm turning 28 tomorrow and i cant beleive it. Soo much (positive) has happened in the past 5 years.

God has been soo faithful to me and will not relent..

I am indeed grateful.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WHISPERS OF.............

Last night nobody told me you'd be on my mind,
no voice to speak a word of clarity to my eye though blind,
no thought to whisper the ills at that time
I was not schooled to listen to the teachers of my mind

Last night, I dreamt I found you at my doorand with kisses
I welcomed my Cherie amour,
So soft... so unreal yet my lips screamed for more
Your velveteen skin to bask, your eyes to swim in for sure

Last night my thoughts carried you into my chamber and laid you on my divan
They washed your feet and oiled your back with the softest touch
No other pleasure can feel as such
They rubbed the sinews off your back
And left your nude portrait laying flat
Last night your body was a reliquary of fantastic pleasure

From the moment my tongue tasted your skin...oh the pleasure
To the intermingling of your juices with my lips
My head within the secret temple in the valley of your thighs
We climb until the peaks cause you elation without measure

Last night I knew you as men know the desires of their heart
Our bodies whispered sweet nothings
Our flesh slick with the sweat of our love making...itself an art
Our desires spread like the wash of a strong wave
Our desire was always going to be strong from the startI took you to the peaks of coitus; you broke the chains of cupid and began to glow
Our desires spread like the wash of a strong wave
Our desire was always going to be strong from the startI took you to the peaks of coitus;
you broke the chains of cupid and began to glow

This morning, I day dreamed that I woke to find you next to me
Having a long conversation over a mug of green tea
We spoke about the love of the night before
And the grief it brings to have to let you go once more
But at least we know that we have another page another story

Of the way you let me love u, and hold u
Cos you’ve got me so in awe of you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Am I a BITCH for wanting someone else's MAN?????

It all started like a joke when we met, we would chat back to back on facebook!
I was loving it and i swear he did too.. then he dropped the BOMB!!! HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND.
I didnt let that get to me though cos i liked him, just from chatting... me wah for me. He wished he'd met me two months earlier (he asked my friend to hook us up just before then and she paid no attention to him) i dont know why she agreed to introduce us (on facebook) eventually.
After chatting consistently(on a daily basis) on facebook, he decided we met up for drinks after working hours, some part of me didnt want to go but after giving it some more thought i decided to go, was with him for 20mins, we talked alot, i was more of a talker than him tho, there was just something about him, something i hardly find in men ive been with...he was calm, a good listener and very polite irrespective of being a Taurean, which i am as well. If ure familiar with TAUReans you'd agree with me that they're very in your face, stubborn, proud amongst other good qualities...I happen to be a taurean as well..LOL
As time went bye, we became friends, we exchanged numbers, the text messages started flowing, daily emails then the phone calls followed. There was a big smile on my face everytime i saw his number of my phone, he is soo sweet and polite.
So he has a girlfriend yet he spends so much time with me, that was Janurary when we met and now its May..I'm so fond of him, so is he, we see each other every weekend, sometimes everyday during the week...Yet he has a girlfriend. Some part of me wants to beleive she doesnt exist but my friend has confided in me that he's not soo crazy about her, were still not dating yet neither are we far from it.
I want him for myself, is it soo bad to want to snatch him away from her(glad i don't know her and hoping i dont know any of her friends cos that will just be disastrous).
Am i wicked???? Cos i want him for me & myself alone.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Handicapped dreams of becoming a Lawyer

Big thanks to veryone that managed to read my extra long last post till the end and left comments...I really appreciate all your kind words......
I met some dude recently on facebook but thru a mutual friend, he asked my friend if he could add me and she told him she'd have to check with me before he can go ahead..So she did ask me and i said it was we got chatting, dude happens to be a lawyer and since we had just met and didnt really have anything serious to talk about i decided to center my conversation around Law and being a lawyer..
So i asked him how it felt enforcing the laws? He said " i'll let u into a little secret. Its not as glamorous as in the movies at all - you dont get a gun or a badge, and certainly arent involved in any high-speed car chases on the freeway. Instead wot we get is a silly outfit (wig and drakula-style gown) and we argue all day with a similarly clad man who should have retired many years ago. LOL" My oh my! That was hilarious. I'm glad lawyers don’t get guns or badges; there would have been plenty over zealous lawyers contesting alongside our ever over zealous cops… LOL. And yeah, the whole outfit really sucks...but u lawyers just love it...Don’t you? I have a lot of respect for lawyers by the way…Just hate the outfit..

He agreed with me that there's nothing worse than a lawyers with badges. But wondered the respect for lawyers? Did u secretly always want to become one?
Re: the outfit, yup its a little unusual to the untrained eye (i.e those not used to looking at it), especially if u go to court and base your judgment on what you see there. But the proper outfit dare I say it may be quite becoming i.e proper (i) shirt and winged collar (white not brown!); (ii) pin-striped trousers; (iii) gown; and (iv) of course proper wig as opposed to the brown mass of horse hair (which looks as if its used regularly for football practice) preferred by most lawyers. ha ha ha..(I hope no lawyer finds this offensive in any way)
For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a Lawyer. Since primary school..Its soo funny now just thinking about it...Dad used to call me S.A.N (Senioe Advocate of Nigeria) even though I didn’t know what it meant at the That was my nick name why? Cos i was a chatter box..I could talk nineteen to the dozen. Lol.
By the time I turned fourteen, I still felt the same way...I was in the art class and was loving all the art subjects and i thought to myself, I’m on the right track..Funny how I my feelings didn’t change as I was writing jamb, I filled in Law for both my 1st & 2nd choices. Guess what? Somehow, I never passed jamb, I tried twice and never made the cutt off mark.
My dad sent me straight away to a diploma in law course.. That was where I became faced with the challenges of pursuing such a career.. I mean, I had no foundation whatsoever in law yet I had to read all these bulky text books, weekly reports and sit in the library for many hours on end. I found it extremely boring; I was dying in side and really couldn’t tell my dad I didn’t want to become a lawyer again...How could i bring myself to say that to him, after all It was my idea to become a lawyer and not anyone else's.
I was scared of being a disappointment… So i started paying regular visits to the library, i started with the Introduction to legal system in Nigeria, Law of torts (I liked that), criminal law & the other crazy law courses. Well I struggled and passed the 1st year. 2nd year came, the number of courses increased and it was more difficult...e.g Company Law, Land Law, Marine Law and the list was endless... Then to compound matters, i started having problems with my lecturers, they just wanted to sleep with me...The thought of it alone was fustrating ( I kept asking myself, why me??? Even though there were lots of people in the faculty rumoured to be sleeping with their lecturers, i just never imagined that any of those filthy looking things will ever make advances at me...after refusals to comply with their demands in which i got threats for in return i decided to quit...Enough is enough. That was when i said to myself "NO MORE WANTING TO BE A LAWYER OR SAN". Abeg, I can’t take this no more. I refused to continue classes that year, I was just loafing around campus and attending all the club parties and just generally having a ball... It didn't take long for the news to reach my my dad.. He thought i had gone insane... He tried to convince me to go back and i just refused. I had had enough of that place, I hated the school from the begining anyways, It was like an extension of my high school, everyone I went to high school with was there,my juniors, my senior's, it felt like i didnt even leave High school.
Little me decided it was time to set things staright with my dad, I summoned up the courage to tell him one day after I had been told how much of a disappointment i was ,playing truant and blah blah.. I told my late Dad (RIP) that I couldn’t go on anymore. I WAS INDEED VERY SORRY..
So when I say I respect lawyers, its because i know the efforts they put into studying all those cases and reading all those reports and bulky hand outs etc.. The exams too..You have to write a full novel in an exam hall. Argue from now till kingdom come. Gosh, i found that very disturbing.. All in all, its a lot of hard work and there's just too many underpaid lawyers out there...Only few lucky ones get good renumeration...
I decided to focus on a diploma in Mass Communication and i found it more interesting, versatile and it kinda fit my personality too. And i later did a B.Comm in Marketing &Advertising...and absolutely loved it..
Who knows!!